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Follow Us

Follow Us

Ok, so actual 'following' as in seconding is not allowed, but we will probably be grateful for any moral support we get along the way.

If you want to keep track as to where we are and how we are doing, grab a copy of the route map and planner above and keep an eye out on our social platforms:

We won't necessarily send an update every day. But when we have the energy and 3G reception, we'll try to post something to one of these (most likely an Instagram pic pushed to both FB and Twitter).

Official Freedom Challenge News

On the website there is a live tracking system and news updates under "current event news". Meryl will also be keeping everyone up to date via their Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Generally, Twitter is the place where most of the conversation happens.


For our general well-being, you may want to have a look at the Snow Report (Facebook feed or website) to see if we're getting any snow.

WindGuru used to be our weather forecaster of choice, and there were custom spots for each stage, but haven't been able to locate them so far on their new website.

@freedom_trail on Twitter