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Route Map

To give you an idea of where we are headed, this is a simplified map of the route.

For the full detailed map you can have a look at the tracker on the Freedom Challenge website

I haven't yet been able to update the map, but there are a few changes to stations:

  • SS 11 was Stuttgart, and is now Newlands
  • SS 12 was Grootdam, now Jakhalsfontein
  • SS 24 was Good Hope, now McGregor

Their locations are not too far off the previous stations, so it does not make a huge difference to this map, in the greater scheme of things.

(Clicking on images will give you a larger view)

Race Plan

To have a Race Plan, means that we need a proper idea of what we are hoping to do each day.

This shows an idea of what we hope to do, compared to what we actually did in 2015. It's not set in stone by any means. On the first day we might find we are not fit as we hope to be, and we may just stop at Allendale. Other days we may feel stronger, and we might push on further.

This planner gives us an idea, compared to what we already know, of what we aim to do.

Race Planner 2017

Every day is a big day. And the colours help to show that. The Orange blocks are the biggest numbers, and the green is the easiest. But just because the distance is short, the climbing might be massive, or the estimated time may be long.