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Thanks go to a number of people who have helped us out in various ways.

Ice Cream Tubs. We managed to collect about 57 tubs in 3 weeks - it's amazing how much ice cream people eat! Of that, we only supplied one ourselves. So thanks go to colleagues, friends and family who sacrificed their diets, for our survival.

Advice. This is always given eagerly by anyone who has done Freedom before. In the lead up to our first event we gained many insights from a handful of Blanket Wearers. It is fascinating how advice varies between riders, showing how much boils down to personal preference, and possibly the weather from each year. We now start the 2017 event with our own wisdom and experience from 2015, and the power of the spreadsheets we kept when planning back then.

Our Bosses. Who granted us the time off work, with relatively little warning.

POLAR - Listen to your body

Huge thanks once again go to Harald at Polar South Africa, for lending us the two RS800CX watches that we used in 2015. As our current Polar watches are GPS devices, we are not allowed to use them. These loan watches also have temperature, so we will know exactly how cold we're getting.

Squirt Lube - Long Lasting Dry Lube

Squirt Lube is already a sponsor of the event and there will be some Squirt Lube and Barrier Balm at support stations. We wanted to be fully prepared, though, and they kindly helped supply us with enough samples of both products for our tubs.